Funny photos of wild animals staring at cameras

Tigers, bears, mongooses, bonnet macaques….  some curious, some hungry, some shocked….
These are from camera traps set up in various forests of south India.

Eye of the tiger! See here for a comic similar to this.


Eye of the tiger

The large and entertaining stripe necked mongoose.


Curious stripe-necked mongoose

Three porcupines having a consultation on how to deal with this monstrosity that flashes like lightning!


Porcupine convention

The piglets on the other hand have decided that they will charge this monstrosity and take it down….


Charging piglets

Whereas the muntjac has no clue and can only gaze stupidly at this strange contraption.


Perplexed muntjac

Or suspicion, as the case may be.


Suspicious muntjac

This lion tailed macaque probably feels very vulnerable on the ground, since he is mostly up in the trees 30+m up.


Lion-tailed macaque on the ground

The black panther clearly knows that something is up, and he’s looking around suspiciously.


Suspicious black panther

Slightly confused looking leopard, finding out all the strange sights that the world has to offer….


Curious young leopard

… though this guy doesnt really like his privacy being intruded upon.


Annoyed leopard

Wait a minute…. this boxy contraption wasnt there yesterday, was it?


Thinking leopard

Cluck cluck. Cluck cluck. Cluck cluck. And so on…


Wonder whats going on in that brain

How dare you interrupt me while I am eating, said the gaur.


Annoyed gaur

If you continue to do this, I will make rude faces at you. Take that!


Gaur sticking out its tongue

You can clearly see why monkeys are our close relatives! This bonnet macaque spent a long time examining the camera and also left a little present on top (dont ask me what).


Bonnet macaques are curious

You dare challenge me???!!!! I am the dominant sambar around here!


Challenging sambar

Let me try to sneak past the camera….


Too big to sneak past

OK time for some camera smashing….


Elephant getting ready to destroy camera

_ _ _???!!!????!!??????!!!!!????


I would be as confused with these flashy things…


4 thoughts on “Funny photos of wild animals staring at cameras

  1. I love your blog! And thanks to the word ‘Poochandi’ and the nostalgia associated with it, I have been cooking up lots of deliciously odd ghost stories for the kids I teach.
    They often return the favour with things that ‘really happened’ to them


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